My brief but completely unprofessional and angry letter to the GG & PM

Ms. Jean, Mr. Harper,

I awoke today to the very sad news that you have decided to prorogue parliament – AGAIN. It was bad enough that you engaged in this shutdown of democracy a year ago to avoid a perfectly legitimate threat to your minority government (and yes, I use ‘you’ to include the Governor General in the Conservative Party’s government, as your loyalties have become clear — and they are not to the people of Canada). Now you have used the (rather contentious) Olympic Games as a guise for avoiding public scrutiny over serious shortcomings in the government’s handling of the war in Afghanistan by shutting down the people’s only forum for elected representatives for the second time in a little over a year.

I could go on, as I am incredibly livid over this complete slap-in-the-face to the Canadian public, but I’m sure my words are of no consequence to you. I will close by simply saying I’m strongly opposed to single-handedly shutting down public debate in this manner. You have both mocked the basic foundations of Canada’s democracy and made me, and thousands of Canadians like me, ashamed to even be a citizen of this country anymore. We once were so proud of our democratic traditions. Together, you have turned them into a farce of the grandest kind, with the grandest of implications. Our political system, and by extension our country, is a complete and utter embarassment.

Regretfully yours,

Neal Jennings


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