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A chain of emails with a local MPP, I’ll be posting more if there are any follow-ups:

To: Colle_Mike-MPP-CO

Thank you Mike.  While I appreciate your support for the Eglinton LRT, I’m more than a little taken aback by the fairly obvious conflicts in what you’ve just written me.
In your email here, you’ve simultaneously stated that you support LRT in Toronto and believe in "the biggest transit investment in Canadian history," but that now just isn’t the right time.  This is not only a bit of a cop-out, but downright illogical.  How can I be expected to believe that you truly believe in this system if you also believe that it is unimportant enough to delay investing the money in it now?  
It’s obvious to me that Toronto’s LRT is not a priority for your government — if it were, the money (that, I might add, was already committed and should have been budgeted for) would be flowing right now.  You yourself said below that building the LRT will create jobs — how, then, can you use the "economic downturn" as justification to delay?  Shouldn’t this be more incentive to fast-track the funds, in order to provide good, green, jobs in this city and province, which will not only benefit Ontarians looking for work in this difficult economy, but will grow the tax base for the province as they earn income and spend money at our businesses?
Despite all the criticisms your government has received over the years on everything from the health premium to the HST, and the fact that I’m typically not a Liberal voter, I’ve been a defender of the McGuinty government’s policies as I think they’ve been consistently quite responsible with taxpayer funds while still maintaining sufficient social services in the province.  For me, this decision has crossed the line from responsible to petty.  I’m incredibly disappointed in the government’s choice to delay these funds, along with the backwards logic used to defend it, and I know I’m not the only one.  I implore you to reconsider this, and to lobby within your own party to reverse this decision – for the sake of the Eglinton LRT, and for the city of Toronto.
Neal Jennings


On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 4:14 PM, Colle_Mike-MPP-CO <> wrote:
Dear Neal,
Thank you for your e-mail expressing concern with the recent Budget announcement on Light Rail Transit (LRT) funding.
Like every responsible government, we need to find the right balance between investing and cost savings to grapple with an unprecedented global economic downturn. 
Investing in public transit and infrastructure is important to Toronto and to Ontario.  These investments help reduce gridlock, improve air quality and create jobs. 
As a former TTC Commissioner and Chairman of the Toronto Transit Commission from 1991 to 1994, the subject of accessible public transit is close to my heart, and I will continue to work towards the availability of a better, more reliable, Light Rail Transit System.
As indicated in the recent budget, this is a slowdown, not a cancellation of these projects. We are phasing in our investment – not cancelling it.  This remains the biggest transit investment in Canadian history.  We will work with Metrolinx and our municipal partners to chart the best course forward.
In order to ensure that we get the Light Rail Transit System built as soon as possible, I invite you to join our local group, Friends of the Eglinton LRT.  If you wish to join please call us at 416-781-4116 or e-mail us at 
It is crucial that you support the Rapid Transit initiative along Eglinton.  We would be very pleased if you would sign the attached petition. Please sign and return the petition to my office at 2882 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6B 3S6.
Mike Colle, MPP
From: Neal Jennings
Sent: April 10, 2010 12:50 AM
To:; Ruprecht_Tony-MPP-CO; Caplan_David-MPP-CO; Wynne_Kathleen-MPP; Colle_Mike-MPP-CO; Cansfield_Donna-MPP-CO; Qaadri_Shafiq-MPP-CO; Broten_Laurel-MPP-CO;; Arthurs_Wayne-MPP-CO; Duguid_Brad-MPP-CO; Berardinetti_Lorenzo-MPP-CO; Phillips_Gerry-MPP-CO; Best_Margarett-MPP-CO; Balkissoon_Bas-MPP-CO; Hoskins_Eric-MPP-CO; Murray_Glen-MPP-CO;;; Zimmer_David-MPP-CO; Kwinter_Monte-MPP-CO; Albanese_Laura-MPP-CO; Sergio_Mario-MPP;; Duncan_Dwight-MPP-CO;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Subject: Restore TransitCity Funding Now:
April 9, 2010, via: /takeaction/ [IP]
Restore TransitCity Funding Now
Message Dear Premier McGuinty,
I am alarmed by your decision to delay the funding for the Transit City Light Rail plan. Toronto and the GTA desperately need Transit City now. Transit City is too vital to the health of our city to be put on hold and this delay will create dramatically more harm than good.
Transit City will finally provide desperately needed rapid transit to Toronto’s inner suburbs which include several priority neighbourhoods. Transit City will remove millions of cars from our crowded streets, helping to address some of the world’s worst gridlock while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants.
Premier, less than two years ago you said, “The time to make this sort of ambitious realistic investment is now. Our economy demands it. What’s more, our families deserve it, because gridlock not only saps strength out of our economy, it steals time from our families.” (McGuinty Government Action Plan for Rapid Transit Will Move the Economy Forward – June 15, 2007)
What has changed since you made this announcement Premier? Do families no longer deserve more time together? Has gridlock been eliminated? Do we no longer need good jobs in the GTA?
I ask you to please deliver on your promise and return the $4 billion to the Transit City budget to keep this plan on track!
Neal Jennings
Name Neal Jennings
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  1. The problem I see is that governments aren’t forward thinking enough usually. They don’t want to start a project that can’t be completed while they’re in office because if another government completes it they take the credit. Transit City is a HUGE project and no one really wants to commit to it which makes me sad.


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