@ThomsonTO’s Boathouse, or how Twitter reveals a lot about personalities

It all started with a pretty innocent tweet from @KristynWongTam (a candidate for Ward 27, Toronto Centre):


@ThomsonTO, the official Twitter account for Sarah Thomson, who is running for mayor and frequently tweets from her own account, quickly responded:


I had just left my parents after a show at the Canon Theatre (yes, unlike Ms. Thomson I don’t have the luxury of fleeing to a cottage or boathouse every weekend) and was standing in front of the Tim Horton’s at Ryerson trying to stay dry from the rain.  As some cops walked by I had some G20 flashbacks (though the rain was nothing like it was that night) and decided I’d stop and check in to Twitter rather than getting wetter.  I immediately saw this exchange (I follow both of their accounts) and retweeted Thomson’s tweet.  In the next tweet, I added:


This was a passing reference to the Toronto Star article that toured the homes of the media 5 mayoral candidates.  She has a $1.7 million home which left a lot of people on Twitter wondering if she really understood what it was like for the “rest of us.”  She usually does a good job of being down-to-Earth (the occasional drunk tweets aside – thanks to @hyfen for inadvertently showing me how to find old tweets) but every once in a while she reminds us all of how much money she really has.  This tweet led to the following series of tweets (apologies for the time stamps as I’m screen-capping as I write and Twitter shows time for the first 24 hours as “X hours ago” instead of the actual time. This took place Saturday night):


(I had by this time relocated to Starbucks on Church Street)

I also got these tweets which I retweeted:


We continued:





The retweeter on all of those was @Credibility2010, an anonymous Twitter account who seems to claim they’re about supporting credibility in the #VoteTO race… their tweets are very anti-Sarah Thomson (and others) on issues that are not really clear or supported.  Though I do have some of their same questions on Thomson’s claims of becoming homeless and then becoming a self-made millionaire (she’s never really publicly explained how either came to be), I certainly don’t think it’s appropriate to accuse her of lying about either lacking evidence to the contrary.

Either way, having tweeted this, I packed up at Starbucks and since the rain had let up decided to take the long way home.  I returned to discover, first, that Thomson’s response to my comment was to simply retweet, completely out of context, my joking response to @scottdagostino’s tweet about how tweeting about Justin Bieber adds lots of followers:


She then stopped tweeting for the night, but @sarahskey, a Thomson parody account, had also retweeted my Bieber tweet, and tweeted the following (aptly, I might add):


And then:


In response to all this, I tweeted:


And then a whole lot of silence from all accounts (I assume she had gone to bed – she does have kids after all) – except @karmacakedotca with whom I had a fairly meaningful discussion about the matter.

Before bed, I followed up with a tweet to contextualize the exchange for those who were unaware (see here for the original G20 emails):


(the retweets were by @Credibility2010 and @vickersty who also had an amusing response to Thomson’s “meaning?” tweet.)

Around midday today, @ThomsonTO responded to this tweet with:


@jpantalone used this excuse too – and then told me to send it to the email address that I had originally used anyway.  I quickly responded with:


Kindly, and much more civilly, she responded with a way to contact her – the original email I sent on the G20 went to info@sarahthomson.ca which is what her website lists as general enquiries.


And… after all of this back and forth, she replied (from publisher@womenspost.ca) mere hours after I forwarded the email.  Her response is included in the original post which I have edited to include her response.

The title of this post is perhaps deceiving, as I’m not going to tell you what I think of the personalities of those involved (my own included)… but it is a reminder that out of conflict can sometimes come good – in this case, further information where stonewalling had previously ruled.


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