Latest update – and an end to regular updates!

At first I had thought I would be posting regular updates on here but I’m rapidly realising the pointlessness of doing so… after this post I’ll try to update every once in a while but only when I really need to expand beyond what I’m tweeting.
As far as getting set up here, I’m basically ready, and just waiting out the Internet hookup which will still not be here until November 23rd (they originally said the 22nd but, apparently, changed their minds). I had a bit of a scare today when I got an auto-generated letter saying they couldn’t offer me any services because of something to do with my credit. I checked the date and noticed it was sent *before* they sent me the text telling me when they were coming to set up the phone / internet. Thankfully, after I called, they confirmed it was a computer glitch and I wasn’t the only one it happened to. Apparently, even on the other side of the world, big telecom companies are completely incompetent. Not that I expected otherwise.
So, being without Internet for at least another week, there’s not a whole ton of work that I can do, at least not easily. I have some writing to do which I could do now but I’m also not in a huge hurry so I think I’ve been procrastinating a bit. As a further bit of procrastination, I decided to use the internet-less time as an excuse to take a short trip. That is, after all, why I came here. Earlier today I booked train tickets to, and a hotel in, Canberra for three nights. It’s a four-hour train ride either way, and the return ticket was less than $100 which is great – while virtually everything else might be more expensive here, one thing that’s cheap is medium-to-long-distance domestic transportation (local public transit, on the other hand….) So, I have a short trip to the Ottawa of Australia this Thursday through Sunday. The guide book I have didn’t seem too complimentary of the place (yes, the entire city), but I’d like to go, and now’s as good a time as any!
Meanwhile, I still have the stupid little errands to continue to do. I’ve yet to find a grocery store or a drugstore that I really like and suspect I won’t – something I’ll have to just get used to! The unfortunate thing about this neighbourhood is that there aren’t a lot of services, despite being an almost entirely residential suburb. Options to eat out aren’t great either – basically I have the choice between pub food around the corner and extremely overpriced fancy restaurants on the wharf. I also have a tiny kitchen – which is apparently quite normal in studio and even 1-bedroom apartments here – I have a mini-oven, a two-burner stove, a microwave, and a bar fridge… and the smallest sink ever invented. I’m going to try to get a hose thing to attach to the tap so I can actually use the sink for larger items (like filling my Brita filter – which right now I’m doing in the bathtub!)
And… I’m ranting again. I’ll end it here. Tomorrow I get to attempt to buy electronics (I need a printer/scanner, and cables for all the accessories I brought with me)… which I will hopefully have done by the time I post this!


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