Update on travel plans

So my perpetual indecisiveness made me decide to decide, or something.

My original approach to deciding where I’m spending the rest of the year was to decide where in Canada I would move back to, and then figure out whether it was cheaper to stay here in Sydney for another 2 months or to move back sooner.  Regardless of any of the decisions, the plan was (and still is) to spend a few weeks in New Zealand between when the UFE is written and when I’d go back to mark it (mid-September to early-October).

After my previous blog post, and after hemming and hawing and going back and forth and really not making any decisions, I realized if I was going to return to Sydney I needed to book flights soon or they’d be even more expensive than they already are (currently > $2,000 return, which is typical, but much higher than if I’d booked months ago, and nowhere near the most it could be).  Since my “decisions, decisions, decisions” entry I’ve spent a lot of time noticing how wonderful it is here, and how I’m totally not willing to give it up any sooner than I have to.  It did also occur to me that moving in July, when I’m busy with work, would be far more stressful and uncomfortable than moving in November, when I’m hardly doing anything (though the idea of coming back to Canada right before winter is definitely unappealing!)  SO, I decided to come back to Sydney for the winter (Northern summer).

I’ve spent the last couple hours plotting things on spreadsheets and trying to figure out the best route / approach for the trip.  Basically, the options were to travel to NZ and back from Sydney, leaving mid-September and returning early October, spending a couple nights in Sydney, and then flying SYD-YVR from there… or to try to figure out a way to travel YVR-SYD then fly SYD-AKL in September and direct from AKL-YVR on the return in October, skipping the extra few days in Sydney.  Qantas and Air Canada were both charging about the same rate for a return YVR-SYD flight, but Qantas allows one free stopover in Auckland (conveniently, the one place I wanted to stop over).  Somehow stopping over in AKL did still end up costing an extra $30, but on a $2,100 flight that’s nothing.  And compared to the $500-$600 return flight to Auckland from Sydney, plus paying an extra 3 weeks of rent (or storage plus hotel) in Sydney, made a whole lot of sense.

So that’s it.  Here are my (international) travel plans for the next little while:

Early June – SYD-YVR, YVR-YYZ soon after

Early July – YYZ-YVR, YVR-SYD about a week later

Mid-September – SYD-AKL

Early October – AKL-YVR, then YVR-YUL (Montreal) shortly after

The big advantage of this is that it will allow me some more time to spend in my potential (new) home city before making a final decision, since I really won’t have to decide until I return in October.

The downside, though, is that I didn’t pack light, at all, on my way here (which is part of the reason I got such a huge hassle on the way into Australia, and fear similar hassle upon return in July).  I traveled with slightly more than the maximum allowable checked AND carry-on luggage.  Which saved money for shipping (and for buying new things), but now makes return travel difficult.  If I were flying directly back to Canada, it would be no big deal, but spending three weeks in New Zealand with a whole bunch of luggage I don’t need (not to mention clearing NZ, US, and Canadian customs on the return, rather than just Canadian, with massive amounts of stuff) isn’t really appealing.  I’m looking into shipping one of my suitcases back to Canada ahead of me, which it appears will still cost less than leaving it in Sydney and returning through here.  If anyone has any tips on international shipping, of a suitcase, no less, I’d love them!

And now, off to the Matthew Barber concert!

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  1. […] who have been following my adventures here may recall earlier posts that went on, all Dawson’s Creek-like, about where I would live upon return to Canada. […]


  2. […] who have been following my adventures here may recall earlier posts that went on, all Dawson’s Creek-like, about where I would live upon return to Canada. […]


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