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I won’t claim to have any logic or order to this post.  Just a spot to get my thoughts down on screen.

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately — I just got back from the Gold Coast, and am headed to Perth in a few days — and am still spending a lot of time thinking about what to do after this year is over.

In case you missed the tweets, so far my plans are as follows – traveling around Australia for the next month or so, then staying around Sydney through the beginning of June (with a couple of short trips to Melbourne and Brisbane, the latter to make up for the cancelled trip there last week).  From there, a return to Canada (Toronto, mostly) for roughly 6-7 weeks and returning to Sydney in mid-July, staying here until right after the UFE in September, then headed on a 3-week trip to New Zealand and returning to Canada mid-October when I’ll likely head straight to Montreal (with a short stop somewhere along the way, I’m sure).  From Montreal, I’ll be moving to wherever my new home is.  No matter what, I’ll be back in Canada at that point – I don’t have any immediate plans to live elsewhere in the world, and coming back to Australia wouldn’t be possible for numerous reasons, mostly to do with my visa expiring in November!

As I’ve blogged numerous times now, I’m still not certain where I want to return to.  I’ve loved much of the time I’ve spent here, but the whole moving/getting set up thing took a lot out of me.  I’d like wherever I go to be semi-permanent, but at least for a year.  In my head, regardless of the intellectual process I’ve been going through of being undecided, I’ve been imagining that return destination to be Vancouver.  I don’t really know why — perhaps because it’s somewhere new.  Somewhere unexplored, somewhere interesting.  And being in the Eastern Hemisphere has certainly ignited an interest in travelling to completely new places like Asia (a continent I’ve not been to yet), even though I also really want to spend more time in Europe too as I haven’t been there in about a decade.  This doesn’t mean I’ve decided – just that it’s what I’ve been thinking about.

I can’t cut Toronto out of my life at all yet either.  I’ve considered living in Vancouver for a while with an ultimate goal of moving back to Toronto within a few years (maybe after it gets a better mayor! haha) … I have work in Toronto for a few weeks every year so even if I were to live elsewhere I’d be visiting no matter what.  I’d also like to buy a home at some point (though the latest round of federal government changes means that will be more difficult), and I’m not sure if that would be anywhere other than Toronto, with the only possible exception being Hamilton.

Meanwhile, in Sydney, I have moments of “why would I ever live anywhere else?” and moments of “I can’t wait to get out of here.”  It’s a bipolar place like that.  I certainly wouldn’t move back without some serious research on a place to live, and some sort of knowledge that I can afford it.  I’ve considered “wintering” here, but the logistics and cost seem to me to be virtually impossible to navigate without, at the very least, getting some sort of permanent resident status (which is not impossible, but not easy either).  This would all, of course, be years from now, since I’ve already committed myself intellectually to at least a year back in Canada.

My trip back to Canada in the (Northern) summer may shed some light on what I’ll be doing in November — I’m flying into and out of Vancouver and plan to spend at least a few days there.

In the meantime, though, I’m having a great time exploring the country!  Australia’s such a beautiful place, despite its climate fails (and maybe a little bit because of them).  I’m so glad I made the ‘leap’ to come here for a year, and look forward to the rest of my travels.  I wish I could be on vacation forever!  Maybe things will change when I’m actually buried in work again in March/April!

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  2. […] who have been following my adventures here may recall earlier posts that went on, all Dawson’s Creek-like, about where I would live upon return to Canada.  At […]


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