Election wishlist

Well, we have another federal election upon us in Canada (err, or is that “The Country of Stephen Harper’s Government?”).  Woe is us, democracy is so much work. *rolls eyes*

But seriously, before the parties all start rolling out their platforms, I’m going to give a brief wish list.  If anyone can direct me to a candidate / party that meets my criteria, please do so.  I’m willing to vote for the obscurest of obscure candidates.  I still qualify to vote in Toronto Centre, which I suppose will affect what my choices are — moreover, with our first-past-the-post electoral system, I already know that Bob Rae will win so I don’t want to hear any strategic voting suggestions (which I wouldn’t be interested in no matter what anyway).  (As background: I’ve voted NDP in every federal and provincial election since I was eligible to vote, with the exception of the last federal election where I voted Green in frustration with the NDP’s environmental policies and local candidate and in support of the Greens’ environmental policies).

So, my brief but essential wishlist in the platform of the candidate for whom I will vote:

  • First and foremost, immediate action on the environment and climate change.  Something meaningful, please.  And it must, I repeat must, include a price on carbon.  I would take cap without the trade, or just a straight-up carbon tax.
  • Secondly, but of equal importance, a serious commitment to electoral reform.  Canada’s electoral system is a mess.  A party should not obtain majority government status with less than 50% of the popular vote.  We should not have unelected legislators (Australians laugh when I tell them our senate is unelected… until they realize that I’m serious).  And parties that receive significant votes should get seats that reflect them!  We need a ranked ballot system, and we need at least some form of proportional representation — I’m willing to take different options, so long as they’re reasonable!
  • Support for a full federal-provincial inquiry into the actions of the police during the 2010 G20 summit in Toronto
  • At a minimum, a commitment not to further cut corporate taxes — though putting them back up to something comparable to the rest of the world would be nice.
  • A plan that balances the budget within the next two years without significant service cuts (see above for a way they might do this).  This plan should not further disadvantage single people in our tax system.
  • Support for quickly reintroducing and again passing the AIDS drugs and trans rights bills.

That’s not asking much is it?


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  1. Addendum: Finding a way to make it easier for Canadians abroad to vote would be nice too — NSW allows online voting for absentee ballots now… I’d settle for being able to vote at a consulate rather than having to request to vote by mail and to have to mail the ballot in to arrive in Ottawa by 6PM on election day!


  2. […] this, I’m going back to my earlier post: Election Wishlist.  These are the things I wanted from the platforms right after the election was called.  Now the […]


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