Blog maintenance

So, when I set up this blog site, it was in August of 2010 and I did it in a huge rush.  I moved here from LiveJournal, which I’d only started using regularly after getting frustrated with Xanga… but then when I went to post my G20 blog entry of the VoteTO candidates’ responses, it was a disaster. I couldn’t put it all in one entry, and even when I broke it into three (or more, I think) it was impossible to read. So in a frenzy, I took the advice of some Twitter friends and set up a WordPress site.  I’ve been VERY happy with it since.  When I initially set it up, I’d intended to import everything… and then I never did.  I was reminded by @StMurphy on Twitter that I haven’t even updated the subtitle of this page from “moving here from LiveJournal,” but it’s actually true since I never completed the move.  So I’m doing it now.  Anyone who follows this blog in the various methods in which you can do that will see mass posts uploaded over the next day or so (LJ seems to have limits on server access so it might take a while to complete this process).  I apologise in advance for this!  I also intend to delete anything that’s duplicated, and all the tweet summaries, so bear with me over the next day or so.  Now if only I could import my Xanga posts, too, I’d have almost a 10-year history!


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