Leaving on a jet plane

So I fly back to Canada tomorrow.  Only for six weeks, but it’s still stressing me out. I’m not ready to go back. Not yet.

Even though I know full well I’ll be back here in cold rainy Sydney by mid-July, I just feel like I’m going to miss so much.  I don’t feel like I’m ‘returning’ to Canada, I feel like I’m ‘leaving’ Australia (even though I always knew I was only here temporarily).  That could be because it’s a brief visit rather than a full move, but it’s still hard to let go.

I’m going to miss possums frolicking in the trees on my walk home.  I’m going to miss having an amazing view everywhere I go.  I’m going to miss Q and A, and the engagement virtually every Australian has in their political system.  And I’m going to miss the people – even if only for six weeks. I’ve made a few good friends here and will miss spending time with them.

But I guess I should look forward to things too. I look forward to seeing old friends in Canada, and to meeting new ones I’ve made online since leaving.  I look forward to affordable food.  I look forward to vegetarian food! (I can’t wait to bite into a Harvey’s veggie burger!)  I look forward to good weather – I’m not cut out for winter in ANY hemisphere!

But still it feels bittersweet.  I feel like I’ve only recently started really ‘living’ in Sydney, and just being settled and comfortable here.  And the beginning of June means it’s so close to being over for good.

Plus, I hate long flights.  Especially going Eastwards – it’s always worse going East.


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