Wishlist for the #ONVotes (Ontario provincial) election

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Regardless of where I end up moving back to in Canada, I’m still eligible to vote in October’s provincial election.  They’ve now fixed some of the balloting, so I can vote by mail (this only recently became an option – before this, it was by proxy!)  I will be voting in September, before I leave Sydney.

I only have a few demands for this provincial election, and will enumerate them like I did for the federal election:

  • Support for a full inquiry into the events of the G20 weekend in Toronto in June of 2010. Enough is enough, we need answers and we need them now. The province needs to move forward on this without any more excuses.
  • Support for keeping the Harmonised Sales Tax (HST).  I’ve already explained why I believe the system is not the problem – I would support reductions in the rate, but not if they are focused on one specific thing or another, which only serves to complicate the system.  I would be particularly opposed to any proposals to eliminate or reduce the HST on anything carbon-intensive.
  • Support for senate reform, not abolishment.  The provinces have to agree on any serious changes in the system, and I don’t agree with abolishing the senate (as previously explained).
  • In general, support for the public sector and uploading of costs that were downloaded to municipalities by the Harris government (and others) in the 1990s. In particular, I would like to see committed support for public transit funding in all municipalities, including more focus on regional, integrated, systems.
That’s it. Someone please find me the party to vote for, because I’m tired of looking.  I’ll probably end up settling, but who knows what the next two months hold.

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