It gets insincere…

I posted this on facebook but realised it was a bit too long for that format – so I’m reposting on here in its entirety.

This was my reaction to the CPC’s It Gets Better video, and a well-written article by Rob Salerno in Xtra in response.  The video itself is linked in the article.

My comments:

So, basically, insincerity won’t save lives. I just watched the CPC It Gets Better video and tears of rage are flowing – repeating stock lines won’t solve the problem and frankly comes off as patronising. I also just watched the Layton/NDP one, and while it’s delivered with more sincerity, it’s still the same stock lines.

So here’s a thought: straight people don’t get to tell us “it gets better.” Only we can say that. If you want to help a queer person (of any age) struggling with their sexuality, and you’re not queer yourself, don’t tell them it gets better. Tell them it IS better than they think it is now — because you’re there for them, you love them, and their sexuality doesn’t matter to you.

Let’s move away from aggressive suicide-prevention and focus on making the lives of ourselves and everyone around us better. When life seems its hardest, actions speak far louder than words. Make life worth living, and maybe, just maybe, fewer people will decide they don’t want to live it.

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