I’m sick of winter

This is a totally trivial post.

I’m sick of winter.

I’ve never liked winter.

I mean, I like some things that happen during winter. I like skiing.  I like skating.  But winter as a whole, blech.

It’s been winter for me since July of last year.  I had 6 weeks in Toronto in June, and got back to Sydney in early July, where it was still winter.  Now, Sydney winter isn’t that cold.  But it’s still colder than I like.  For me, anything below 10 degrees Celsius is cold.  I stayed there until September.  I had about a week or so of spring while I was there, and then hopped on a plane to New Zealand, where spring comes much later – it was once again cold.  I got back to Canada in October.  Okay, it wasn’t quite winter. But I was in Montreal for most of that time (where it’s cold), and then got to Vancouver in November, where it was basically as winter-y as Vancouver gets – it actually snowed a week or two after I moved in.  And Vancouver winters aren’t that bad either, though worse than Sydney’s.  So I’m now going into my eight month of winter.

I’m sick of winter.

I’m sick of wearing a coat to go outside.  I’m sick of wearing socks, and shoes. I’m sick of wearing long sleeves.  I’m sick of getting stuffed up when I step outside. I’m sick of paying electric bills to heat my apartment.  I’m sick of snow.  I’m sick of having multiple warm blankets on my bed.  I’m sick of stepping into my solarium in the morning and freezing.  I’m sick of not being able to go to the beach.  I’m sick of the sun setting before 7PM (or, these days, before 5:30).  I’m sick of hearing people complain about the weather.

I’m sick of winter. Can it be over now? Please?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Can you send some of that winter our way? I haven’t seen a decent winter in 4 years that I’ve been in Toronto.


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