Strange response to my #tellviceverything letter from Paul Calandra, M.P. Oak Ridges-Markham

I’ll acknowledge that my letter to Vic Toews was, well, a little weird.  But so is the bill I was writing about.  I should add that I intentionally added the somewhat explicit but perfectly legal sites to the history — I did visit them (I didn’t intend to lie), but I wanted to make the reader as uncomfortable as the proposed bill makes me and most other Canadians.

I copied the letter to all Conservative MPs.  What I didn’t expect was for the response from MPs, if I even got one, to be as weird.

The first response I’ve gotten arrived today.  The envelope’s return address said simply: “Paul Calandra, M.P. Oak Ridges-Markham.”  Inside was the original letter I sent, but it had been stapled, unstapled (I didn’t staple the copies, only the original that I sent to Toews), and highlighted in three places.  Nothing else.  Not a cover letter.  Not a response.  Not an explanation.  Just my letter.  With highlighting.

What did he (or, presumably, his staffer) highlight?

  • “These are printed most recent first. Go to the last page and flip backwards for chronological order. I hope you enjoy the details of 24 hours of my internet browsing”
  • “Having failed, turned to commercial porn. Just not the same, really.”
  • The entry in my internet history for Manhunt (  And the related comment “Looked for John Baird, surprisingly didn’t find him.”

I’ve attached the scanned letter to this post.  I’m curious to hear people’s insight as to what this means.

Paul Calandra response – Tell Vic Everything.

4 responses to this post.

  1. oh boy, there’s a file on you now. 😉

    (Of course we in Ontario already had a file on you!)



  2. Posted by sing along with mitch on 2012/05/01 at 8:19 pm

    don’t flatter yourself…


    • Dear comment troll based in the Stouffville, Ontario area, who uses Andrews Wireless / Teksavvy as his/her internet provider: nice attempt at using Senator Mitchell’s email address to make it look like a Liberal Senator from Alberta would make such a useless comment. I’m so glad you read my blog post and took the time to really understand the issue at hand.


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