Reblog: It Only Takes 12. Demand that Conservatives who won their seats unfairly step down

Today in Vancouver, Canadians marched and rallied in opposition to the “Robocall” election fraud tactics that were allegedly used by the Conservatives in the last election.  Next Sunday (March 11), Canadians in a dozen more cities will do the same.

There is no ‘hard’ evidence that such calls were orchestrated by the Conservatives, but there is hard evidence that they took place.  Even if they were not conducted by the Conservatives, any MPs who gained an advantage because of it should immediately step down and allow for a new election.  As one speaker pointed out, if your friend steals a bicycle and gives it to you, you still have to give that bike back when you find out it was stolen.  Whether the seats in question (numbers vary from less than a dozen to about half of the seats held by the CPC) were won unfairly as a result of the Conservatives cheating, or as a result of someone cheating for the Conservatives, they were still won unfairly.

If the Conservative MPs believe they deserved to win the seats in question, then they should have no opposition to resigning their seats and running again within a clean and fair election.

The nationwide rallies next week will continue to demand that Elections Canada force by-elections in ridings where there is evidence that there was voter suppression.

It should not be up to Elections Canada to force an MP to step down from an unfairly-won seat.  Contact these MPs directly, especially if you live in their riding, and tell them that the only way to restore trust in our electoral system and in their party’s majority is to run again in a free and fair election.  If they truly deserve to be there, they will win again.

Conservative MPs in these contested ridings: do the right thing.  Allow your constituents to vote in an election that is not tainted by voter suppression tactics.  We’ll all be better off as a result.


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