An open letter to the BCNDP on pipelines

I have just submitted this request for clarification to the BC NDP. If I receive an answer, I will post it here.


I’m wondering if I could get a clearer understanding on the BCNDP’s policy on pipelines, and specifically the Kinder Morgan pipeline. I’ve seen/heard the following quotes over the last day:

“Radically transforming the port of Vancouver into a major oilsands export terminal is not a good idea.”

“We will take back control of pipeline decisions and subject both the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan proposals to a rigorous made-in-BC environmental assessment.”

“We do not expect Vancouver to become a major oil-export port, as appears to be suggested in what Kinder Morgan is suggesting to the province and to the country…I don’t see that transformation as being the right approach for our economy or our port.”

“It seems to me that increasing from 80,000 barrels a day to 450,000 barrels a day (exported from Metro Vancouver in tankers) is a massive change in the nature of that operation…That’s a real problem.”

Despite what the media is saying, none of these things explicitly rule out allowing Kinder Morgan to expand its pipeline, though I admit it might rule out them sextupling their capacity. But saying that things are a “problem” does not mean you won’t allow them.

So I’ll ask simply: will you do everything in your power to oppose/prevent any expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and other pipelines that will carry bitumen through British Columbia? Or will you allow some limited expansion? While the media and a surprising number of environmental lobby groups are suggesting the former, I read the quotes above as saying the latter.

I would greatly appreciate if you could clear up this confusion.

Thank you,

Neal Jennings

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