How to cycle straight across Hornby on Helmcken going Westbound, in 7 easy steps.

How to cycle straight across Hornby on Helmcken going Westbound, in 7 easy steps.

5 months ago, I emailed the City of Vancouver to ask about how I was supposed to cross Hornby Street Westbound on a bicycle when riding on Helmcken. At that corner, Helmcken is right-turn-only, and there is a protected bike lane on the left side of Helmcken on the other side of Hornby. The city, just now, replied with the following instructions.

1. Turn right on Hornby into the bile lane, reposition your bicycle and wait for the light
2. Proceed into the bike box in the intersection of Hornby & Helmcken
3. Wait for the light then proceed into the separated bike lane on Helmcken st.

By my count, this is actually 7 steps (and three full cycles of the traffic light)! 7 steps to continue in the same direction on a road!! None of which is marked in any way at the intersection.


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  1. Tough intersection to design for, but this solution seems exceptionally complicated. Would have been better to have a straight/left turn lane (bike box) alongside the right turn, with an independent bicycle signal for through traffic.


    • Yep… that would have made vastly more sense, especially given the layout of the intersection. Montreal has bicycle priority at intersections like this, and the bicycle portion of the light only last a few seconds but it’s long enough to get safely across.


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